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Just What You Need

When done right, social media breaks down barriers. Whether I work with you for an hour or a year, I will help you to create sincere connections and show that there’s so much more to your company than meets the eye. Browse my services below.

White Structure
White Structure

Social Starters
($150 CAN. Contact for prices in other currencies)

If you were to be asked right now what's needed to improve your business' online presence and you wouldn't know how to answer, Social Starters might be for you!

Here's how it works:

  • Right after you purchase Social Starters, I will email you paperwork to sign. Basically this covers confidentiality, refund policy, expectations etc. and your receipt will be attached. Depending on how you pay, you may have already received a receipt but this one will act as confirmation that I've received the payment and can be a backup copy for you.

  • Once we've both signed the paperwork (I recommend PDF Escape), I will need the links to all your social media profiles (and website if you have one). Additionally, I'd like to see some examples of how customer interactions go via messenger and/or email. This can be done via screenshots or we can arrange a Zoom call and you can share your screen...up to you!

  • Next I will review everything I've seen and create a custom presentation just for you. This will include strengths, weaknesses, advice etc. Completion time will vary but I will provide you regular updates along the way.

  • Once that is complete, I will contact you again to set up a Zoom call to go over the presentation. Allow 1-2 hours for this call. Everyone who uses your business' social media accounts will attend this call with you. After the presentation, there will be a short Q&A period. 

  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your presentation and a brief recap of everything discussed during the Q&A. If you're unsure on how to make any of the recommended changes, please check out my other services that can help with that.

Business Boost
($75 CAN/1hr. Contact for prices in other currencies.)

Business Boost is great for those who have questions after their Social Starters presentation or need help implementing ideas of their own. This will be done over Zoom. Prior to sending the Zoom session link, you will be sent some paperwork to sign (similar to what's listed to the left for social starters). 

Business Boost is what you need if you would like a social profile created for your business. It is also where to go with business-relate questions like understanding your metrics or learning how to target ads to your customers etc. Please note, this may take longer than an hour. Once I know what you need from your Business Boost, I can give you a final quote.

Picture Perfect
(Contact for quote)

am proud to announce that I am now offering graphic design services! This can include logos, collages, posters, basic web design etc. Please contact for a quote.


I can provide flyers, pamphlets, posters and other print formats upon request, but please note there will be a fee for this which will be included in the quote.

Media Mastery
($450 CAN/month. Contact for prices in other currencies)

Media Mastery is the typical social media management monthly subscription service you may be familiar with. I can support the following account types: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, email, virtual storefront (ex. Shopify, Etsy etc.), online ordering programs (for restaurants, event ticket ordering, etc.) and online scheduling programs (for healthcare, service providers etc.). I'd also like to note that I can manage bookings for rentals whether you're a small motel or campground, have an AirBnB, or a property management company booking viewings and keeping track of vacancies etc. 

Notable information:

  • Standard paperwork (see "Social Starters" will need to be signed before work begins.

  • I will also need some time before posting to review your accounts to see how you have everything running. Because of this, I will need you to purchase two weeks before you want me to start creating content. This 2 week period would be unpaid (ex. You pay $450 on February 15th but that $450 actually covers the whole month of March).

  • Minimum of 30 days notice to cancel subscription.

  • I will need all photo and video content provided to me.

  • It's challenging to describe how I can assist with online ordering platforms, online scheduling programs and virtual storefronts as they can vary so much between companies. I am happy to discuss this prior to your purchase.

Newsletter Available!

Media Mastery customers have the option of subscribing to a monthly email newsletter! This is an extra $10 CAN/month (I can convert that to other currencies if interested as well). These newsletters can include: Major social media changes that can affect your online presence (a new trending platform, new features, removal of features etc.), new software/technology or updates that could improve business both online and in person, any government changes that could affect businesses, opportunities for business exposure (ex. parade looking for floats, craft fairs, job fairs etc.), changes to my availability, pricing, or services offered should they arise, and any major milestones my clients may want to share. I will tailor the information to the area of those subscribed so there's relevant information for everyone. The newsletter would come out the last week of the month. Unsubscribing is simple should you need to, you'd just email me within a week from the date the last newsletter was emailed out. Late requests could take up to 1 month to process.

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